Voice Over Talent

Voice Over Talent

Music or Media is seeking a passionate and skilled voice over talent to work for a news platform.

The ideal candidate must have native language proficiency and accent in one or more languages. They must have a high-level understanding of media production and strong attention to detail. They should have excellent communication and organizational skills with an understanding of the editorial process. The voice over talent must be able to adjust to flexible schedules and remote work. The talent must work collaboratively with an editorial team to ensure content is coordinated. The ability to work within frequent tight deadlines on a daily basis within a team is a must.

The candidate will support various groups within the editorial team as needed.

  • Seniority Level: Entry Level
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Job Function: Voice Over Talent
  • Industry: News



A Bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV and Film, Video Journalism, Communication or related field


  • 0-2 years’ experience video editing for a professional news organization
  • Understanding and maintaining a consistent brand voice according to the subject of the news; both formal and informal
  • Excellent command one or more languages
  • Proficiency on the use of recording software
  • Strong attention to text punctuation
  • Ability to spot a typo or grammatical error
  • Proven attention to detail and ability to handle a demanding, fast-paced job
  • Desire to collaborate closely with colleagues on close-knit team
  • Flexibility to learn new skills
  • Proactive and motivated
  • Ability to deliver high quality outputs on tight timelines
  • Clear and effective communication skills
  • Availability to work remotely


  • Knowledge of task management/ pipeline software

Note: The recruitment process may include technical tests and the necessity to prove your expertise

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